Hacking Mynewt in Eclipse

Do you want to hack Apache Mynewt but do not know which IDE to use? Here is a short tutorial on how to configure Eclipse for working with Mynewt. Using this setup you will have nicely working code indexer, integrated debugger and some other tools. Actually you will probably not need to use console anymore […]
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How to use Mynewt's blehci with drag and drop bootloader on nRF52840-Donlge

Mynewt has a possibility of using drag and drop bootloader, which allows to flash images to the device with simply copying them via USB. This post shows how to configure blehci application with drag and drop flashing feature for nRF52840-Dongle.
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Support for btmon in Mynewt

Btmon is very useful tool for HCI messaging monitoring on Linux systems. It helps to understand how Bluetooth host talks to controller, debug issues, implement new features in the host etc. When we have started work with Mynewt we knew that we need tool like this. Of course Mynewt has a way to print all […]
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Automated Bluetooth testing and qualification of Mynewt NimBLE with auto-pts

We are happy to announce that auto-pts now supports Mynewt NimBLE stack! To test and qualify your Bluetooth product you have to use a tool called Profile Tuning Suite (PTS) from Bluetooth SIG organization. It is a Windows program that you can use to manually run test cases using a graphical user interface. The process […]
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Developing Apache Mynewt in Clion with quick and accurate indexing

It is not always possible to use a modern IDE for embedded software development. Sometimes your project uses a custom build system or a workflow that is hard to integrate with your favorite IDE. Apache Mynewt project has a modular design with features split into packages, dependencies and configuration files. It simplifies the architecture of the whole […]
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How to do software update of a Bluetooth Mesh device running Apache Mynewt

As you might know, there is not yet specified way for a software update over the Bluetooth Mesh. This is high demand feature and for sure it will come. However, if this feature is needed just right now and your product uses Apache Mynewt, there is a way to mitigate the issue. Apache Mynewt supports […]
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Bluetooth Mesh on Apache Mynewt

Bluetooth Mesh implementation is the latest addition to Apache Mynewt Nimble stack. This tutorial will should you how to use it. If you want to learn more about Bluetooth Mesh visit this site. This tutorial will provide you with a simple yet fully functional mesh structure. For this demo, we will use Bluetooth Mesh by Silicon Labs application […]
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Interoperability testing is important!

As we all know, each Bluetooth product shall work according to Bluetooth specification. It is fairly big specification, and that’s why before releasing your Bluetooth product it is very important that it can talk to other Bluetooth devices. Basically, we should check if we understand specification in the same way as others. That is why […]
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Bluetooth device qualifiaction

Whenever you create a Bluetooth product you have to go through a process of qualification in order to get Bluetooth SIG stamp 🙂 This process is usually painful for developers and testers, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Fortunately, some of the Open Source stacks provide instructions on how to do […]
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ELCE and OpenIoT Summit Europe 2016 videos are online

Video from Szymon’s presentation on OpenIoT is available now There were a lot of interesting sessions this year on both Embedded Linux Conference Europe and OpenIoT Summit Europe. All videos are available here.
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