Automated Bluetooth testing and qualification of Mynewt NimBLE with auto-pts

We are happy to announce that auto-pts now supports Mynewt NimBLE stack!

To test and qualify your Bluetooth product you have to use a tool called Profile Tuning Suite (PTS) from Bluetooth SIG organization. It is a Windows program that you can use to manually run test cases using a graphical user interface. The process of testing manually requires a tester to operate both the device and the PTS program. This is a tedious job and can take one man-month. We described this process in one of our blog posts before. There is a tool that can speed that up to a few hours by fully automating the testing process.

auto-pts is a Bluetooth PTS automation framework that coordinates test execution between PTS and the Implementation Under Test (IUT). It automates over 400 test cases from GAP, GATT, L2CAP, SM, and MESH profiles. Auto-pts supports already BlueZ and Zephyr and it is supporting Mynewt NimBLE now!

On the IUT side, you will need to use the bttester app. It communicates with the auto-pts via UART. Bluetooth Testing Protocol (BTP) is used as a communication protocol. You can find the specification in the auto-pts repository. Check out the README on how to configure and run the auto-pts tool.

Happy testing! 🙂

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